Volunteers Needed for Boundary Committee

With the successful passage of bond measure 4B and the forthcoming new schools, we will need to adjust school boundaries in order to balance enrollment districtwide. We look to have extensive community engagement and input in this process, led by the Boundary Committee

The Boundary Committee will ultimately make a recommendation for a final boundary change solution to the Board of Education by …

  • Gathering and considering community input
  • Ensuring a transparent, fair, and balanced process
  • Planning for the district’s immediate needs and the future
  • Allocating district resources equitably
  • Minimizing disruptions to students and their families over the long term
  • Utilizing a data-driven decision-making process

The committee will be comprised of one parent representative from each school (9), one staff representative from each educational level (3), one administrator from each educational level (3), and liaisons from the Board of Education (1), Windsor-Severance Education Association (1), Transportation Department (1), and Exceptional Student Services Department (1). The group will meet approximately six times from June through November, and a regular progress report will be provided to the Board of Education.

Applications for the Boundary Committee are open now through noon Friday, May 19. The Superintendent will form a committee to review and interview selected candidates, and will then bring the recommended slate of candidates before the Board of Education for approval.

For questions, please contact engage@weldre4.org.