Updated Tax Impact for November Election

Each August, we receive preliminary information from Weld County on the assessed property values in our district. The updated information from the county, driven primarily by the oil and gas industry, has decreased the estimated taxpayer impact for the proposed 2022 bond and mill levy override

Bond Measure

We had previously shared a monthly tax impact of $9.20 per $100,000 of actual property value for the bond measure. With this new information, the estimated net tax impact* of the voter-approved bond would be $5.01 per $100,000 actual property value. This bond and its tax impact would last 25 years.

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Mill Levy Override

If approved, the $5 million annual mill levy override would be phased in over two years. The monthly net tax impact* for the $5 million mill levy override is projected to be $0.96 per $100,000 of actual property value, with a reduced impact in the first year due to the phased approach. This mill levy override is proposed as ongoing and utilized to recruit and retain high-quality teachers and support staff in order to be competitive with other school districts, as well as for start-up / staffing costs of the new facilities.

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The estimated net taxpayer impact is calculated by considering the proposed bond and mill levy override, as well as all other outstanding bond measures and mill levy overrides, and the preliminary assessed property values in the district.