Board Places Bond, Mill Levy on November Ballot

At tonight’s meeting, the Board of Education approved the placement of a bond measure and mill levy override on the November 8, 2022, general election ballot.

“We are blessed to live in outstanding communities that families seek out,” said Board President Russ Smart. “The significant growth of our communities has resulted in the overcrowding of our schools. We believe this bond package is a solution to our overcrowding."

Bond Measure

If approved by voters, the funding from the bond measure will be utilized for the construction of school facility projects, including:

  • A new elementary school in RainDance
  • A new elementary school in Peakview
  • A new 900-capacity middle school
  • An addition at Severance Middle
  • An addition at Severance High
  • A new Career & Technical Education Center at Severance High
  • An expansion at Windsor Charter Academy
  • Existing building repairs and replacements, including core systems and security items

For more information on each of the proposed projects and the potential property tax impact, please visit the Projects page on the bond website.

Mill Levy Override

If approved by voters, the school district would receive an additional $5 million annually, with a proportional share going to Windsor Charter Academy based on funded student count. These funds would be utilized to recruit and retain high quality teachers, as well as for the startup costs associated with the new elementary and middle schools.

For more information on the mill levy override and the potential property tax impact, please visit the MLO page on the bond website.

Voter Registration

Ballots are mailed to each registered voter in October prior to the November 8 election day. To ensure you receive your ballot, make sure you are registered to vote and / or that your voter registration information is up to date. Ballots must be returned via mail by October 31 (postmarked) or in-person by November 8. Voters may also vote at in-person polling places. For more information on polling places or ballot drop boxes, visit Vote 411.

More Information

For more information on the ballot measures, visit our website. For questions, please