Bergner Named Safety & Security Director

Kraig Bergner has been appointed the Weld RE-4 School District's Safety & Security Director. This new position will allow our district to prioritize our efforts in keeping students, staff, and campuses safe.

Learn more about our new Safety & Security Director:

The Safety & Security Director will plan, administer, and direct site safety and security, crisis management planning, safety and security training, and compliance. One of Mr. Bergner’s first initiatives will be to review and implement the recommendations from the fall 2022 Safety Audit

Prior to joining the district, Mr. Bergner was an Assistant Professor of Military Science for the US Army in Rochester, New York. He also served as Company Commander / Operations Officer at Fort Riley and Platoon Leader / Special Reaction Team Officer in Charge at Fort Bliss. In these roles, he developed policies and procedures for security and emergency response. He earned a bachelor's from Colorado State University and a master’s from Webster University.