Annual Family Check-in Now Open

Annual Family Check-In is now open for all currently enrolled families who will have children in our district for the 2023-2024 school year. Log into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal account now to complete this process. Once logged in, select "More" and then "Annual Family Check In" to begin

Be prepared to add any new students, including Kindergarteners; verify your contact information; and complete the required forms. All documents can be uploaded to the portal except for proof of identity documentation (birth certificate, passport, etc.). These documents will only be accepted in-person at your student’s school.

Note: Annual Family Check-In only needs to be completed by one parent / guardian per student. For students in multiple households, the primary household will need to complete this process.

For help accessing the Infinite Campus Parent Portal, contact your school’s front office. For additional questions or support with Annual Family Check-In, please call Registration Support at 970-686-8045.

Complete Check-In

Note: All preschool students will need to first apply via the state’s Universal Preschool Portal.