New Elementary Schools’ Names, Logos, Mascots Announced

The Board of Education unanimously approved the names, logos, and mascots of the new elementary schools at its November 13 meeting.

Hollister Lake Elementary

Located in the Peakview neighborhood (550 Sundance Dr., Windsor, Colo), the new elementary school will be named “Hollister Lake Elementary.” Hollister Lake is one of the original names of Windsor Lake, which is located a short distance from the school and is a major landmark in the Town of Windsor. The school mascot will be the bulldog, adorned in purple and gold. The bulldog is a nod to the original Windsor High School mascot, which was changed in the early 1900s after a successful run in the state basketball tournament. View the Logo

Orchard Hill Elementary

Orchard Hill Elementary is located in the RainDance neighborhood (2015 Covered Bridge Pkwy., Windsor, Colo). The name was chosen because of the surrounding neighborhood’s farm-to-table concept and the Town of Windsor’s agricultural roots. The school mascot will be the pelican in blue and gold colors. Each year the Town of Windsor is visited by flocks of pelicans at its many lakes, and the bird is now an emblem of the school. View the Logo

The schools’ names, logos, and mascots were thoughtfully chosen by individual focus groups representative of the future schools’ community. Facilitated by the school principal, each focus group met multiple times from July to November to establish the core elements of the school culture and visual identity.

The schools are slated to open in the fall of 2024. Websites and social media platforms for the schools will launch soon. Hiring for school staff will begin in November and will be posted online.

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