Boundary Committee to Present Proposal November 13

The Boundary Committee will present its final boundary change proposal to the Board of Education at its November 13 regular meeting.


With the passage of the 2022 bond measure and the construction of three new schools and two school expansions, the district needed to adjust school boundaries to balance enrollment districtwide. The Board of Education convened a Boundary Committee in June to lead this process.

The committee was comprised of parents and staff from each school level, as well as representatives of each community (West Greeley, Severance, and Windsor). The group met from June through November, working to: * Ensure a transparent, fair, and balanced process

  • Plan for the district’s immediate needs and the future
  • Allocate district resources equitably
  • Minimize disruptions to students and their families over the long term
  • Utilize a data-driven, decision-making process
  • Gather and consider community input

The committee worked to engage the community through a variety of means, including community forums and an online survey. Equipped with community input and demographic data, the Boundary Committee worked to develop scenarios that: * Incorporated safety

  • Maintained existing neighborhoods
  • Balanced school populations
  • Considered proximity to the nearest school
  • Accounted for long-term growth forecasts

Ultimately, the Boundary Committee’s proposal to the Board of Education best balances schools now and in the available five-year forecast; maintains a continuity of experience for students; ensures efficient and effective transportation and district resources; and responds to community feedback. View the proposal.