Daniels Fund, Boettcher Finalists Announced

Five Weld RE-4 School District students were named finalists for the Daniels Fund Scholarship and the Boettcher Scholar Award:

  • Kayla Metzger, Severance High, Boettcher Scholar
  • Joshua Barnard, Severance High, Daniels Fund
  • Keegan Nichols, Severance High, Daniels Fund
  • Kailey Washburn, Windsor High, Daniels Fund
  • Booker Whittington, Windsor High, Daniels Fund

The Boettcher Foundation Scholar and Daniels Fund Scholarship programs are highly coveted scholarships. Thousands of students across the state and region compete each year. 

The students will undergo a final interview before selections are announced. The Daniels Fund will announce winners in March, and the Boettcher Foundation will announce in May. 

About the Boettcher Scholarship Program

Since 1952, the Boettcher Scholarship Program has existed to keep Colorado’s most talented high school seniors in-state for their postsecondary years. Scholars are selected based on academics, service, leadership, and character. In addition to receiving an $80,000 scholarship award across four years, scholars also receive institutional, merit, and / or need-based aid from their respective campuses. As a comprehensive scholarship, the Boettcher award also includes programming and support to ensure that scholars reach their full academic and leadership potential. Learn More

About the Daniels Fund Scholarship

The Daniels Fund strives to operate as a permanent part of the communities they serve by providing grants and scholarships. Each year, a select group of students are selected as a Daniels Scholar and awarded a scholarship covering the full cost of attendance. Scholars are selected for embodying: strength of character, leadership potential, commitment to serving their communities, academic performance or promise, well-rounded personality, and emotional maturity and stability. Learn More

For more information email engage@weldre4.org.

Congratulations to Joshua Barnard, Severance High, and Booker Whittington, Windsor High, for being named to the 2024 Class of Daniels Scholars.