Student IDs Required for High School Students

In the interest of increasing the safety of our high school campuses, starting the 2023 - 2024 school year, Windsor High School and Severance High School students are required to wear their student ID cards in a visible location above the waist worn on the student issued lanyard or a badge holder clipped to the shirt.

Throughout the school day, students have the opportunity to leave and return to campus for a variety of programs and activities, including off-campus lunch, career technical education, off-block scheduling, and movement to outdoor school activities (physical education, agricultural classes). Visible student ID cards are a safety tool to assist our staff in clearly and quickly identifying persons authorized to be on campus. This procedure does not replace or hinder any existing safety procedures, such as secured doors, designated entrances, or visitor management.

Students who forget their ID card will be directed to the main office and follow the student handbook guidelines for a forgotten/stolen/lost ID card. The cost of a replacement card is $5 or per school handbook policy.


Q. What if my student does not want to wear a lanyard?

A. Students may purchase badge holder clips as an alternative to wearing a lanyard.

Q. Will my student be removed from class for not having their ID card?

A. No. A missing lanyard is not a hindrance to learning. If a teacher can identify a student and take attendance adequately, the student will be directed to the office after class to resolve the forgotten/stolen/lost ID.

Q. What if my student refuses to wear their ID (lanyard or clip)?

A. School administrative staff will make every effort to work with students and parents to identify a safe solution for the student to safely enter/exit the school. If a student has a medical or disability consideration for this policy, it is highly encouraged that parents contact school administration to identify an alternative method of student identification during the school day.

Q. Wait, I thought the doors were always locked?

A. School doors are locked when the bell rings. There is a set passing period for lunch when a large population of students exit and re-enter the building. In addition to school and safety staff monitoring entrances and exits, visible student and staff ID cards assist in ensuring authorized persons are entering during these passing times.

Q. What else is being done to keep students safe?

A. This is one small component of our district's school safety plans. Our schools have worked diligently to develop emergency response plans, access control procedures, visitor management procedures, door/key/lock management, camera systems, access control measures, standard response protocols, drills, and exercises with local first responders. Learn More

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