Volunteer Screening

As part of our ongoing efforts to increase the safety and security of our schools, we will continue to require all visitors and volunteers to be processed through the Raptor Technologies screening system. All non-staff members wishing to access the school building will need to provide a state / government-issued ID at check in. Volunteers must reapply each school year.


Visitors typically do not work with students unsupervised and are not engaging with regular and ongoing volunteer activities. Utilizing a state or government issued ID, all visitors will be screened against the registered sex offender database.

Volunteers (including field trip chaperones)

Volunteers are involved on a more regular and ongoing basis and may be alone with students. All volunteers must complete an application and background check that includes a search of the national criminal database, sex offender list, and terrorist watchlist. Once an account has been created and the application has been approved, you will be able to login and review volunteer opportunities at your selected schools. Apply Now (English|Spanish)

Volunteer Coaches (Middle and High Schools)

If you are interested in being a volunteer coach, you will need to contact the athletic director of the school. If a volunteer is needed for a sport, you will be invited to interview with the head coach of the team. Once approved, the athletic director will provide you with a document to upload into the Raptor System. The cost of this background check is $15.00.

All visitors and volunteers must sign in and out at the front office, and an approved badge will be provided for you to wear during your school visit.

Thank you in advance for helping us keep our schools safe!