With the successful passage of bond measure 4B and the forthcoming new schools, we will need to adjust school boundaries in order to balance enrollment districtwide. We look to have extensive community engagement and input in this process, led by the Boundary Committee.

This process began in June 2023 with a fall target completion date. The final plan — approved by the Board of Education — will go into effect for the 2024 - 2025 school year for elementary schools and the 2025 - 2026 school year for middle schools.

Important Notes:

  • Boundary scenarios are not finalized. This effort involves extensive community engagement and input, led by a Boundary Committee comprised of parents, staff, and liasons. A final proposal will be brought by the Boundary Committee to the Board of Education for a vote in November.

  • High school boundaries will not be adjusted at this time.

  • District boundaries will not be adjusted at this time.