About Patrick Miller

I am the proud parent of two children who attend Weld RE-4 schools - a son in third grade and a daughter in first grade. My wife also teaches within the Weld RE-4 School District. You can say that as a family we are all in for Weld RE-4. We moved to Windsor seven years ago because of the small town feel, and the excellent reputation that the Weld RE-4 School District has in academic, athletics, and the arts. I feel it is important as a parent and community member to be involved in our children's schools and do all I can to ensure our kids are getting every opportunity they can so they are ready for life once they graduate. I feel the actions we've accomplished in the last year and half - hiring an outstanding superintendent, passing and executing on our 2022 Bond, and giving teachers and staff one of the largest one time pay increases in recent history - shows my dedication to our district and community.

If elected, I promise to continue to push for fiscal conservancy and find pathways to fund capital maintenance needs outside of one-time bond money. I will also continue to push for continued rigor and standards in academics by looking at data and pushing for actions that drive improvement. I will advocate for parents to be involved in all aspects of their children's education - from curriculum committees to safety and security committees. And finally, I will continue to listen and honor what is important to our community. We moved here because people who were born and raised here had laid the groundwork for excellent schools and thriving communities. I want to continue that tradition and keep moving Weld RE-4 forward.

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