About Helen "Kathy" Ulrich

As a parent, grandparent, and retired educator with a strong commitment to the care, education, and safety of our children, I am proud to announce my candidacy for the Board of Education.

With a background of 38 years of teaching foreign languages at the high school and university levels, I believe strongly that it is the district’s and school’s responsibility to provide a quality education that respects the rights and values of parents and their children. I am concerned about the preservation of traditional American family values and retaining the right of parents to know what their children are learning and experiencing in school.

I believe strongly in fiscal responsibility in our school system. While teaching, I observed both prudent and irresponsible spending of the hard-earned dollars of our citizens. We must allocate resources wisely. I support local control of our schools. Decisions about curriculum, policies, and funding should be made at the local level and not at the state or federal level

We must uphold high academic standards and equip our students with a strong foundation in core subjects as well as provide the opportunity for students to pursue their interests in elective areas. Quality teachers are necessary for this and they should feel appreciated and safe in their schools and district.

I am committed to ensuring that students know they are in a safe environment physically and emotionally. They should be able to respectfully express their beliefs and opinions without fear of retribution.

Standing firm to the principles that define our nation is highly important to me. Having lived, studied, and taught in several foreign countries, I strongly believe that The United States is the greatest nation to ever exist. Our children are the future of the country they will inherit. Please join me in holding strong the values that have protected our children and nation for over two hundred years. I promise to do all I can to represent you and your children. Thank you for your support.

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Helen Kathy Ulrich

Helen "Kathy" Ulrich - District E



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