What to Expect with Winter Schedule Changes

In the event of inclement weather or potential inclement weather, our staff monitor the current conditions and forecasts, test road conditions, and discuss with other entities in the area. In weighing changes in the school schedule, student and staff safety is the most important consideration.

If conditions warrant, three potential scenarios may occur:

1. Closure - All schools / district offices will be closed. There will be no remote learning. Please check your school’s website for the status of afternoon and evening school activities.

2. Two-Hour Delay - All in-person school start times and bus pick-up times will be two (2) hours later. All a.m.-only preschool and kindergarten classes will be canceled. Watch for an adjusted schedule from your school.

3. Early Dismissal - All schools and district offices will close at a specified time. All afterschool and evening activities will be canceled.

In the case of any of these scenarios, messages will be sent through Infinite Campus, as well as posted on our website and Facebook page as soon as possible.