In Colorado, education is funded by state and local revenue primarily through property taxes. For our general fund, we receive Per Pupil Revenue from the state. This amount is set each year by the legislature. Of the 178 school districts, we are the ninth least-funded school district in the entire state at $9,044 per student. Learn More

Why Growth Doesn't Pay for Itself

As our local communities grow and assessed values increase, local sources fund more and the state funds less. Our "net" as a district does not change, no matter how much our communities grow.

Development: Land Dedication and Cash-in-Lieu

New housing developments in our district must provide land for a school or pay a cash-in-lieu fee to help offset the growth, as outlined in Intergovernmental Agreements (IGAs) with our local municipalities. The funding received can only be used to purchase or prepare school sites. Funding to build, operate, and maintain new schools is dependent upon taxpayer-approved funding.