Our goal is to be as open and transparent as possible, while meeting the requirements of state law regarding open records access.

It’s our policy to make all public records available for public inspection at reasonable times in accordance with the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) (§24-72-201-206 C.R.S.).

To submit a request, please complete the Request for Public Records form, and email it to Nicole Baich.

We will respond to requests within three working days whenever possible. If extenuating circumstances apply, staff will notify you and provide an updated timeframe. Notification will also be provided if the requested documents are not available, reside with another agency, or if the records are not covered by CORA.

A request to examine school records as provided in the laws of Colorado must be made during the regular office hours of the School Superintendent from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, except holidays and vacations as provided during the year. Requests received after the close of business will be considered to be received on the next business day.

Educational Records

A parent or guardian may inspect and review their student's education files. However, if a student is 18 years or older, the student may inspect their own records and their written permission will be necessary for a parent / legal guardian inspection, unless the eligible student is a dependent for income tax purpose.


There will be a charge of $0.30 per page, payable to Weld RE-4 School District, for service. This fee will be waived for the provision of transcripts. If more than one hour of staff time is required to respond to the request for records, any staff time in excess of one hour shall be charged to the person seeking access at the rate of $33.58 per hour. If more than one hour of staff time will be required to respond to the request for records, the person seeking access will be notified in advance that the staff time charges will be incurred and shall be provided with an opportunity to modify or rescind the request. Payment of estimated charges may be required prior to staff time being incurred on the research and retrieval of records. Staff time charges shall be paid or adjusted prior to inspection of the records.

More Information

For more information, view Board of Education Policy JRC and KDB or contact Nicole Baich at 970-686-8000.