Getting back into the routine of school takes a little more preparation for kids with diabetes, but it pays off over and over as the weeks and months go by. And since kids spend nearly half their waking hours in school, reliable diabetes care during the school day really matters. Managing a child's diabetes is a team effort, involving you, your child, your child's healthcare providers, and the school. All members of the team want to be able to communicate, ask questions, and share information about your child's health and well-being.

Please provide your school nurse a current set of school medication orders from your physician prior to the first week of school each year, and after any mid-year physician visits. Your school nurse will utilize these physician orders to complete the appropriate individualized healthcare plans from the Colorado Kids with Diabetes website.

If your student will be independent with their routine diabetic care, please complete the Agreement for Managing Diabetes Independently Form and provide a current set of school medication orders from your provider.

The Barbara Davis Center will provide its own computer generated orders. Additional school or district specific medication forms are unnecessary unless they contain additional information not specified here for this student’s diabetes care.

If your physician does not have a specific pre-printed order sheet, download and print the appropriate template below:

  • Provider Orders - Injections: Orders to be completed by a healthcare provider for student receiving insulin by injection and / or oral medications