Weld RE-4 Post Showcase

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Thank you to everyone that attended or participated in making the 2019 Showcase a success!
Please save the date for next year.

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To Be Announced

What is the Learner's Showcase?

The annual Innovate RE-4 Learner’s Showcase celebrates and displays K-12 student projects empowered by curiosity, empathy, agency, iteration and collaboration. Inspiring students hone their skills in creativity, critical thinking and communication during the process of preparing for the Showcase with teacher mentors in order to tell their story of growth and learning in a culture of innovation at Weld RE-4.

Students are encouraged to submit proposals for their projects early in the year, and work to polish their public speaking & presentation skills weeks before the Showcase. The culminating 2 hour event features individual presentations, group projects, poster sessions, and a hands-on Maker Space Playground.

Who's invited?

Students, parents, teachers, family, neighbors and friends. Business owners, local organizations, governmental leaders and community members are encouraged to witness modern day learning that is preparing students for their future beyond high school.

What can I expect to see?

From stop motion animation to aquaponics, investigating how to change a town ordinance to the demonstration of a CNC plasma router, from solving the energy crisis to learning French through music, you can always expect to see an engaging array of student presentations in a variety of formats!

What should my presentation look like?

Use the presentation guiding rubric to guide in the design and presentation process.

Elementary Presentation Rubric
secondary Presentation Rubric