Superintendent's Office

Superintendent Seegmiller

Dan Seegmiller, Superintendent
Sherry Hoffman
, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent/Board of Education

A note from the Superintendent:
As I think about the students growing up in our community, my children among them it strikes me how fortunate we are that they benefit from a generous, kind, close-knit community. It will be formative in shaping their lives. That's something I keep in mind every day in my role as superintendent.

I am proud to have served as Weld RE-4 School district superintendent since July 2015. My priority in leading Weld RE-4 is to support our schools' daily efforts to build and strengthen relationships that benefit students. Every day in Weld RE-4 schools, students find that they have people who believe in them, from parents, staff and the community at large. 

Students are at the heart of everything we do. We know how important it is for children to have opportunities to explore and engage with education in motivating ways and to be taught by educators who inspire them. I am proud to say that Weld RE-4 not only has an abundance of talented teachers, but moreover, all the staff in our schools and central departments are committed to empowering our students to succeed. 

The great work led by educators and school leaders in our buildings is enhanced by the district's  strategy, mission, and vision, which ensure that we stay on track to reach our goals and continue to make the progress our students and community deserve. Our mission, in particular--Inspiring Innovation, Empowering Success---helps us prioritize things that will enable our students to be successful in their future careers and throughout their lives. 

​My hope for Weld RE-4 is that students and their families will look back long after graduation and remember the generosity, kindness, and relationships they established in our schools and community that shaped their lives.