There are three methods to add media to a Group.

1. Add Content That is Already in Your Account

  • The first method is to use the “Add to Group” dropdown under a media item

  • Click a media item, under the preview of the item, is the dropdown “Add to Group.” Click it and all of your Groups will be listed.

  • Checkbox the Group(s) I want to add the media item to, and then click save.

2. Add Multiple Items from a Folder or Your Homepage

Another method is best if I want to add all of the content in a folder (or your homepage) to a Group.

  • From the homepage, click a folder, and click List View

  • Checkbox the item(s) I want to add to the Group,  and click, “Add Selected Items to a Group” button, select the Group, and click “Add to Group.”

3. Directly Upload Content to a Group

The final method to upload content into a Group is directly uploading content into the Group.

  • First, click Groups -> MyGroups and select the Group you want to upload content into.

  • Click the blue “Upload to Group” button and either drag-and-drop, or manually navigate by clicking, and add media to the Group.

  • The a copy of the content uploaded directly into a Group will also be added to your homepage.