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  • Does My Child Need To Be Toilet Trained Prior To Starting Preschool? 

    While we love to have children able to use the toilet independently, this is not a requirement for our program. We have child-sized toilets in each classroom and many children benefit from peer role models who are toilet trained. For children who are not fully trained, we ask that they come in diapers or Pull-ups and that families provide a supply of extras to have at school as needed.

  • Is Transportation Provided by the School District?  Transportation to and from preschool is the responsibility of parents and families. With the exception of special education students who have been approved through the Transportation Hardship request process, preschoolers do not ride the bus.
  • Is a "Full Day" Preschool Option Available?  All of Weld RE-4 preschool sessions are half-day.
  • When Are Application Deadlines and Timelines?  Each school year, we form a new list of children who are interested in tuition preschool. The process for this begins in the winter of the year preceding the upcoming school year when we begin accepting Intent to Enroll forms. We will go through our tuition lottery process in the spring to fill our open slots. We are not able to guarantee slots at a child’s home school. Children who are not offered a spot will be placed on a waitlist for any subsequent openings.
  • What Is the Waitlist Process?  Children who have been part of the lottery process but have not been offered a slot, will be placed on the waitlist in the order their name was drawn. Intent to Enroll names received after the lottery process has been completed will be placed directly on the waitlist, after the lottery participants, in the order they are received. As openings become available at any preschool in the district, waitlisted children will be offered a slot at that site and session. We are not able to guarantee slots at a child’s home school.
  • What About Scholarship Availability?  A limited number of Colorado Preschool Program slots are available to students with qualifying risk factors, one of which is income. This is a taxpayer funded program which enables at-risk children to attend preschool when they might not otherwise be able to. Once these slots are full in our district, children will be put on a waitlist for any subsequent openings. For more information on CPP qualifying risk factors, please contact the CPP Coordinator at 970-686-8008.
  • Why Is Enrollment Limited? 

    Preschool attendance is not currently covered through regular school funding. Our district is assigned a limited number of Colorado Preschool Program slots, the number of which is determined by the Colorado State Legislature. We also have slots for students receiving special education services which is a federally mandated program. The remaining slots are filled with children whose families pay tuition.