Guest Teacher Orientation


Our new Guest Teacher Orientation is finally complete!  Guest substitute teachers that are new to the district and have not yet participated in an orientation are asked to participate in our newly updated, online class.  In order to take the online class, you have to register with your Weld RE-4 District Email (for instructions click HERE). 

Topics include:

  • Systems and Procedures
  • Classroom Management and Behavior
  • Instructional Resources
  • Dress Code
  • Covid-19 Best Practices
  • Legal Reminders

*Please note:  if you are a newly hired sub, you do not need to take this class before you begin working, but please make sure to complete the course within this academic year.

*Please note:  any newly activated sub that takes the course will be paid for 2 hours at the current Classified Sub Rate.


Click HERE to sign up for class!