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Weld RE-4 Board of Education

September 5, 2019--School Board Election Cancelled--Candidates Elected by Acclamation
Resolution to Cancel Election--

The Weld RE-4 Board of Education calls for a nomination of candidates for school directors to be placed on the ballot for the regular biennial school election to be held on Tuesday, November 5, 2019. Three seats will be elected representing director districts B, D, and E for a term of four years. (Director District Map) To be qualified, a candidate must have been a registered elector of the school district for at least 12 consecutive months before the election and a resident of the director district which will be represented. A person is ineligible to run if he or she has been convicted of committing a sexual offense against a child. Persons interested in running need to file written notice with the district and complete a nomination petition signed by at least 50 eligible electors. For more information please contact Sherry Hoffman at 970-686-8011.

Call for Nominations for School Directors 

Board of Education

Board of Education Members:
Chris Perkins, Jennifer Lieber, Tempy Bowman, Regan Price, Brad Irion

Year Elected or Appointed Name
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Address Director District Term Expires
2017 Christopher Perkins 2114 Cape Hatteras Dr, Windsor,
CO 80550
A 2021
2015 Regan Price 380 Sorrel Dr., Windsor, CO 80550 B 2019
2017 Brad Irion 34037 WCR 23, Windsor, CO 80550 C 2021
2015 Jennifer Lieber 34175 County Rd. 19,
Windsor, CO 80550
D 2019
2011 Tempy Bowman 113 Rock Bridge Ct. Windsor, CO 80550 E 2019

Weld RE-4 School District Board members are taxpayers, parents, business people, community residents, and school volunteers. They all share a deep commitment to providing a sound education to all young people living in the district. The five members are elected from director districts for four-year terms. They represent parents as well as residents without children in school. Board members serve without pay and contribute many hours each month to fulfilling their responsibilities. As the policy-making body, the Board is responsive to the community values and needs while acting within the framework of state and federal laws.

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Board of Education Innovation Grant Applications:

2019-2020 Staff BOE Innovation Grant Application
2019-2020 Administrator BOE Innovation Grant Application