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A letter from the Weld RE-4 School District Board of Education

Weld RE-4 School BoardIt is our honor and privilege to serve as leaders and champions for public education in the communities of Windsor and Severance. Our most important responsibility is to work with you—students, families, district staff, school leaders, community leaders, local businesses, and residents—to ensure that our children have access to the best education. 

Among our duties as a Board, is the oversight of district facilities. We believe that quality infrastructure and secure and well-maintained assets should be a priority, and that this is a vision we share with our community. The present reality of school funding in Colorado makes this priority a major challenge in our district and in districts across the state. Since 2009, Weld RE-4 has been underfunded by $27 million due to Colorado’s negative factor, which is employed by the legislature to achieve budget savings for the state by reducing each district's total funding. 

While Colorado’s negative factor has affected our ability to adequately deal with maintenance and improvement needs at our schools, the growth in our community also demands our attention. Windsor and Severance are fortunate to be attractive communities for families. We have seen the population within our district soar, which has offered us an opportunity to expand the reach of our premier education to more and more students.

Over the past decade, we built additional elementary schools and a second middle school to serve our needs. Now it is time for us to consider a second high school. Windsor High School went over capacity in 2014, and the population of high school aged students in the district continues to grow. For nearly 18 months, citizen and staff committees have been working at the Board’s request to explore all potential avenues that could meet our high school needs. Their work clearly shows that improving Windsor High School and adding a second high school to our district are our best options; the options that put the needs of our children first. That is why, over a year ago, we asked the district’s Design Advisory Committee to start preparing plans for major improvements at Windsor High School and the construction of a second high school. 

This past November, the district invited the community to attend a meeting to review and provide input on the Design Advisory Committee’s work to date. On February 9, 2016 we will offer the community another opportunity to be updated on the committee’s progress, and there will be a third opportunity in March before the Design Advisory Committee offers its final report to the Board of Education in April. At that time, they will recommend a package of projects that would require the funding of a bond program.

As a Board, we expect to vote this summer on whether to refer a Weld RE-4 bond initiative to the voters in the November 2016 election, and what will be contained in that program. These are big decisions that will impact the future of our community, and we hope that you will engage in the process with us. We want to make sure that any investment we ask our community to make will offer our children unparalleled opportunities in school and in life.

Sean Ash
Tempy Bowman
Carlene Irion
Jennifer Lieber
Regan Price

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