Community Message November 2017

Community Message November 2017
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November 2017

Two things that are synonymous with the holidays are food and music. That is why, this month, we wanted to highlight people and programs in Weld RE-4 that are bringing food and music to our students in new and exciting ways. 

Grandview Elementary School and teacher Andy Klatt were recently featured in the Fence Post—a publication focused on regional and national agriculture news and information—for integrating agriculture into student learning. 

With his interest sparked through classes offered by the Colorado Foundation for Agriculture, Coach Klatt got hooked on agriculture, and his passion has spread to the over 100 students in Grandview’s Garden Club and hundreds more throughout the school. He has been a champion of incorporating the garden into all parts of student learning. From students learning about cultures around the world to the farming techniques and technology used right here in Weld County, agriculture has proven to be an effective way to build a foundation for learning as well as teaching children about nutrition, a lesson that can benefit them throughout their lives. One thing we know that parents especially appreciate about Coach Klatt’s efforts, and Grandview’s garden, is that both have been successful in getting kids to voluntarily eat their vegetables. 

Across town at Mountain View Elementary School, Virginia Cote’s music students are learning the fundamentals of reading notes and rhythms while playing with the correct fingers in the school’s new piano lab.

Driven by the desire to bring something new, innovative, and unique to the Mountain View music program, Ms. Cote was instrumental in the creation of the piano lab. Tozer and Mountain View are Project-Based Learning (PBL) schools, which means that students gain knowledge and skills by working to investigate and respond to authentic, engaging, and complex questions, problems, or challenges. The piano lab incorporates PBL, as students work at composing and notating their own original songs. The piano lab is also a tool for personalizing learning. Students move at their own pace and master what they are learning with guidance along the way. If you have studied music, you can appreciate how it builds character. In Ms. Cote’s class, "I can't do this" prompts conversations about perseverance and what it means to keep trying. Confidence is also a focus; discussions around courage and what it means to be brave precede performances.

The programs we are highlighting today would not be possible without the support of our community. With Thanksgiving just a few days away, we want to take the opportunity to say thank you! Coach Klatt’s gratitude to the farmers, parent volunteers, and fellow Grandview teachers who support agriculture integration is echoed by all of us. So too is Ms. Cote’s appreciation to the community for consistently supporting and fostering growth in music education, which is what made the Mountain View piano lab possible.

There are stories like this in every school in Weld RE-4. Thank you for all that you do for Weld RE-4 students and for being a part of our family and allowing us to be part of yours. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! 

Dan Seegmiller Superintendent