Community Message May 2019

Community Message May 2019
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May 2019


We spend much of our lives, personally and professionally, striking a balance between relying on others and independently forging our own way. In Weld RE-4, we recognize just how critical it is for our students to have people—family, teachers, peers, and friends—they can depend on. However, they also need to be able to depend on themselves.


Throughout the year, in classrooms across our district, students worked to acquire the type of skills Forbes recently highlighted in its article, “The 10 Vital Skills You Will Need for the Future of Work.” These essential skills include taking on challenges, learning from mistakes, and actively seeking new knowledge. Our students engaged in projects that provided real-world experiences and opportunities to learn from others, as well as chances to grow their confidence and creativity.


First graders at Tozer Primary School learned about insect habitats. After viewing the habitats at the Poudre Learning Center, they constructed an insect habitat of their own. Every student had input on the project. They collaborated within and beyond their own classroom by refining their habitat based on questions and ideas from peers in other classrooms.


Eighth-grade English language arts students at Severance Middle School participated in their own version of Shark Tank called the Hawk Cage. Students developed, researched, and executed ideas for projects they believed would improve the world. They presented their ideas to a panel of community leaders and carried out related service projects.


Students in Windsor High School’s fashion class created a fashion brand. They designed a logo, researched their customers, sketched designs, budgeted to buy fabric, sewed the design, showed their design on the runway, and created a model store display and a plan for merchandising.

This is education in 2019, and it’s very exciting!
 It’s also highly reliant on people—students who own their own learning; teachers who create lessons that inspire innovation; and community members who invest their time, expertise, and resources to empower student success. More and more, local industry experts are bringing their expertise to the classroom by judging student projects and providing feedback so students understand the real-world applications of their ideas.


Facility investments are also enhancing learning. The Innovation Center at Windsor High School, the new Severance High School facility, and renovations and updates at all schools have allowed us to design school spaces—from the classroom to the front entrance—around how students learn and the exceptional educational experience each school delivers.


Today, empowering student success is a community-wide effort, and we want to thank you for everything you’ve done for our students, families, school, and staff members this school year!

Dan Seegmiller, Superintendent 
Weld RE-4 School District