Assessment Results August 2018

Assessment Results ~ August 2018
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Assessment Results - August 2018

Weld RE-4 School District has received scores for state assessments taken during the spring of 2018. This data, along with other data collected internally, is reviewed by teachers, schools and the district throughout the year. In Weld RE-4, data is a conduit for strengthening relationships and gaining knowledge of each learner’s needs. We celebrate high achievement areas while, at the same time, focusing on areas where we need to improve.

We want to express our gratitude to our parents and students for their commitment to participation. There are several advantages for our school district when students participate and put forward their best efforts on these tests, including fewer gaps in student performance data, which makes it easier for our schools to draw conclusions from that data and make changes that support instruction relevant to our students.

Students in our district take the SAT as a state assessment in their junior year, and freshmen and sophomores take the PSAT. Results show that Weld RE-4  students had an overall higher average SAT and PSAT score than the state average.



Average Score on SAT



Average Score on PSAT for 10th



Average Score on PSAT for 8th/9th



Science test results for students in grades five, eight, and 11 were all above state average and comparable to past years in terms of overall percentages of students meeting or exceeding expectations.



Spring 2018 % of Met or Exceeded - STATE

Spring 2018 % of Met or Exceeded - DISTRICT

Difference between District and State in 2018














Social Studies assessments, which only occur every three years, yielded mixed results in the schools where they were administered. While fourth grade students performed 12 percentage points above the state average, seventh grade students performed slightly below the state average.  As teachers and students return to school, data will be reviewed to see if there are any adjustments to make in instruction.

We are thrilled to report exceptional Advanced Placement (AP) scores earned by Windsor High School Students. Seventy-seven percent of all students who took an AP test earned a passing score and college credit. One-hundred percent of the students who took the AP Physics exam, as well as 100% of the students who took the AP Spanish exam, passed. This is the second year in a row that students taking those exams had a 100% passing rate.

Many Weld RE-4 PARCC scores in English Language Arts and Math were above state average, but there are a few areas that will prompt  further investigation into how we can provide the targeted instruction, activities, and support that will prepare our students with the knowledge and skills they need for the future. School improvement discussions will be informed by this  data as principals and educators plan learning opportunities and dynamic experiences for our students in the year ahead.