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Schools Need Your Help: Apply to be a Substitute Today
Posted on 01/06/2022
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On average this year, we need 34 substitutes each day. Like other school districts across the state and nation, our substitute pool has decreased, and we’re experiencing significant staffing shortages. 

We want to continue providing the best educational experience possible for your children, and we need your help. Apply today to be a substitute or spread the word to someone you know. Benefits include:

  • Competitive pay

  • Required training hours paid at $12.63 per hour

  • Flexibility to accept jobs as your schedule permits

  • Ability to choose at which schools you want to work

  • Chance to make an impact in the community

There are two types of substitutes: certified or classified. Certified substitutes are for those who hold a teaching license or a one, three, or five-year sub license. Classified substitutes can work in a range of non-teaching positions, including:

  • Instructional Aide - assists the teacher with students in their daily work

  • Special Education Instructional Aide - assists students with special needs in their daily work

  • Nutrition Services - assists cooks and servers in the school kitchens

  • Receptionist - works to answer phones and do light clerical work

  • Bus Aide - assists children on the school bus to arrive safely to and from school

  • Health Aide - supports the Health Office

Certified guest teachers and retired teachers will earn $150 per day for more than four hours; $75 for a half day, more than two hours, up to four hours; or $45 for two hours or less.*  

The minimum salary for a Special Education Aide II and Health Aide is $14.68 per hour. For all other aides, the minimum salary is $12.63 per hour.* 

To apply, visit the Weld RE-4 employment site. For more information, contact Nicole Schmidt at

*Temporary rates due to COVID-19. Rates are reviewed annually and are subject to change.